This murder case is not as difficult as you think of, but “role involvement” and “play hard” would get more fun than getting highest score. The main point is… you will NEVER play this story again in your life. There are some guidelines, DO and DON’T of the game that you need to follow when the LARP begins.

1.During the investigation, please use the name of each role shown on the script instead calling their true name in real life.
2.Do try to hide up your secrets at the beginning of the game.
3.You can discuss in group with the clues that you get from GM or just discuss with the one/some players you trust.
4.Tell lies or tell them the truth to the questions raised out by other players are all up to you but please protect your secrets, otherwise the game will over.
5.You can share your clues to the group or share/give to the player(s) you trust.
6.You can invite one/some player(s) out of the crime scene to have a private talk for the investigation to complete your mission.


1.There are no more "scripts" during the investigation because all of you are already entered to the murder case. So please don’t say s-c-r-i-p-t anymore.
2.If you cannot remember your own story, don’t "Wait, let me check what happened from the script”, please use “think” instead. Just like “Let me think about it”, then you can open your script slowly and read.
3.You are NOT allowed to share your own script with others.
4.Beware of your words, please don’t disclose to others that you are the one when the players are trying to find who is the killer.


Q: What is AP?
A: AP stands for Action Point, you will get 12 APs for your investigation in this game.

Q: How to use AP?
A: You can pay GM one point for a clue, you may check the information of the suspect or the crime scene but not your own information.

Q: What is LARP?
A: LARP is Life Action Role Play.

Q: Do I need bear in mind the content of the script?
A: Not necessary. All you have to do is to read and remember who you are. Our Game Master (GM) will distribute a hard copy of the script on the day. You can make records on the text, even every single word from other role, they can be the important clue for you to investigate the case.

Q: In order to complete the task, the highest score is required? 

A: You can say so, but pay attention to the game and enjoy the progress on the investigation is more important than getting highest score. Role play is on the first place. The main task must be completed by everyone (ie, the murderer/motivation/method). Complete your purpose and mission in the game could be the guideline for how to play the game. Don't be negative even you found the it difficult, your performance may also affect your playmates' enjoyment of the game. Just be simple minded, and try to finish what you need to do.

Q: Do you have to prepare your own costumes and props?
A: Some of captioned theme will provide clothing (to make the player more involved in the game) Some does not. Players can of course prepare their own props or costumes which fit the case.

Q: There is only one murderer?
A: The murderer may be only one person, or collude by two people. We only count the murderer is the one who finally made the man dead. The big boss behind could also count as murderer too. But if you put two names or more    on the answer sheet at end, it will be regarded as the wrong answer.

Q: The murderer knows that he is the murderer?
A: Finding out you or someone is the murderer is part of your duty in the case. The real murderer would have some reasons to kill, and the killing process will be written on the script. If the player's reading comprehension isn't failure, you will find out who is the one by the clues and evidence!

Q: Is the murder already been happened before receiving the script?
A: Definitely yes! "Your Story" / "The day of the incident" has already happen, and your script was your memory, so please don't speak out!

Q: Can I tell the players the content of the script?
A: Yes, but don't say it directly in written language. Please be cautious when talking to other players. Otherwise, you may accidentally disclose the secret.

Q: "The Catchphrase" / "Your Performance", are necessary during the investigation?
A: Yes! They are your character. They can let others know who you are, can strongly shape your characteristics and there maybe some clues or useful information in the dialog.